Modular vehicles - BPW Bergische Achsen
Modular vehicle

The ideal balance under all conditions!

Modular vehicles move extreme loads under challenging conditions. The flexible vehicle modules can cope with any transport challenge – no matter the weight, length, width or height. The powerful combination of BPW swing axles, rotating pendulum swing arms and hydropneumatic suspensions guarantees balanced axle loads and enables large compensation paths, variable
ride heights and extreme steering angles for complex transport tasks. One transport module is equipped with two to eight axle lines or with four to 16 pendulum axles.

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Modular vehicles - BPW Bergische Achsen

Details at a glance


  1. Tyres: 17.5" / 19.5"
  2. Axle load: 12 t to 45 t (per axle line= 2 independent swing axles)
  3. Axles: swing axles
  4. Brake: 300 mm drum diameter
  5. Suspension: for hydropneumatic suspension

The ideal BPW axle for your modular vehicle

Modular vehicles - BPW Bergische Achsen


With BPW swing axles, modular vehicles can cope with any critical surface and challenging terrain. The highly flexible oscillating bearing compensates for uneven surfaces, thereby ensuring optimal load distribution at all times. You will also benefit from reliable, easy to maintain, space-optimised technology from large-scale production.  BPW swing axles offer an excellent compromise between minimal installation space, very high lift requirements, heavy axle loads and large steering angles. The latter often require narrow track widths: with a track width of only 454 mm at an axle load of 6 tonnes, BPW swing axles are real space-savers.

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Details at a glance

  1. 2x 6 t (single wheels) up to 2x 12 t axle load (twin wheels)
  2. speed-dependent load increase possible (e.g. 2x 12 t on 2x 22.5 t = 45 t)
  3. for single or twin wheels
  4. minimum installation space with maximum steering angles, swing angles and lifting capacity
  5. optimal use of installation space by adjusting the brake cylinder position
  6. direction-independent drum brakes

The encapsulated and stepped design guarantees maximum running performance and availability. And thanks to the use of DIN-ISO tapered roller bearings, it beats the competition hands down in terms of ease of maintenance and repair.


Thanks to its robust design and incomparable ease of servicing, the ECO Drum sets standards in terms of life cycle costing. A powerful all-rounder with the lowest wear.


With KTL+ZN coating, the best surface protection is guaranteed.

Brake safely

The ideal BPW brake for your modular vehicle

Modular vehicles - BPW Bergische Achsen


Challenging off-road operations and adverse weather conditions place extreme demands on the driver, the cargo and the modular vehicle. This is especially true for the brakes that are directly exposed to these influences. The BPW drum brake ECO Drum, with its self-contained design and flawless sealing system, stands up to these challenges in impressive fashion: tried and tested, reliable and robust. And thanks to ECO Technology, it is also particularly easy to maintain.

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Details at a glance

  1. axle load: 6 t to 14 t
  2. tyres: 17.5" / 19.5"
  3. brake drum diameter: 300 mm
  4. brake lining widths: 120, 150 or 200 mm
  5. can be used anywhere
  6. easy to maintain due to ECO Technology
  7. optionally available with BPW brake cylinders

With KTL+ZN coating, the best surface protection is guaranteed.


The encapsulated and stepped design guarantees maximum running performance and availability. And thanks to the use of DIN-ISO tapered roller bearings, it beats the competition hands down in terms of ease of maintenance and repair.

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Garantiedokumente: ECO Plus - luftgefederte Fahrwerksysteme ab 06.05.2019
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Modular vehicles - BPW Bergische Achsen

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Vehicles with several axles can be optionally equipped with an axle lifting device (axle lift) to protect the tyres when driving empty or with a low load. BPW offers axle lifts for central or side positioning.All BPW axle lifts are compatible with the Auto-Drop system. It automatically raises (when unloaded) or lowers (when loaded) up to two axles on a three-axle unit.

  1. Reduced tyre wear
  2. Low dead weight
  3. Higher traction of the drive axle due to starting aid
  4. Compatible with Auto-Drop-System (automatic lifting and lowering)
  5. KTLZn-coated metal surfaces
  6. Two-sided axle lift:
    - Robust design with proven brake cylinders
    - Assembly without welding (also for retrofitting)
    - Easy to retrofit without changing the vehicle frame


In a brake system, the optimal interaction of the individual components is of the utmost importance. The brake cylinders play a decisive role here, because they have to ensure perfectly dosed power transmission in the braking system. Brake cylinders from BPW are further proof of our comprehensive expertise when it comes to brakes. As a system supplier, our product range includes diaphragm and spring-loaded cylinders.


  1. Continuously high quality controls such as dimensional inspection, release pressure test, function test on the vehicle, vibration test, dirt test, fatigue strength test with over 1 million braking cycles, cold and heat test (-40 °C to + 80°C), Force output check
  2. Significantly improved sealing due to flare technology
  3. Optimum corrosion protection of the housing components due to high-quality coating process
  4. Long service life of the spring due to double coating
  5. Easy to assemble due to compressed air connection extension (standard for spring brake cylinders for disc brakes)
  6. For drum brakes, no external return spring between slack adjuster and base plate required


Due to its function, the advantages of the self-steering axle have so far only come into play when driving forwards. When driving backwards, the steering mechanism is locked and the axle remains rigid. With ARC (Active Reverse Control), you can now also benefit from the advantages of a steering axle when driving in reverse. Because with ARC, BPW has developed an electrohydraulic auxiliary steering system that steers the steering axle fully automatically when reversing at a speed of up to 10 km/h. This increases agility and manoeuvrability. This increases the agility and manoeuvrability of your vehicles when reversing and reduces time and tyre wear!

  1. Efficient completion of transport tasks due to improved manoeuvrability in narrow streets
  2. Not subject to registration - complete solution from a single source
  3. More payload due to the lower system weight compared to conventional steering systems
  4. Easy installation thanks to the plug and play solution with factory-prepared axles and preset software
  5. No adaptation of the vehicle frame, no sensor on the kingpin required
  6. Works fully automatically, but can optionally be operated manually


As an important control instrument, the BPW capsule with integrated hubodometer records the mileage of your trailer. Especially with changing motor vehicles, you can always see the actual vehicle mileage.

  1. BPW hubcap with integrated odometer
  2. Simple definition of maintenance intervals and checking of tyre mileage
  3. Available up to 12 t axle load for all common tyre sizes
  4. Simple installation due to capsule replacement
  5. Maintenance-free and tamper-proof due to hermetically sealed housing
  6. Mileage is also recorded when reversing
  7. Six-digit display
  8. KTLZn coating


The BPW drawbar support is particularly light and therefore the first choice when every kilo of payload counts! Thanks to long-term lubrication with BPW ECO Li 91, the BPW landing gear is maintenance-free for three years. It also impresses with minimal wear and tear and is optimally protected against corrosion by the high-quality coating.Just right for tough use in the trailer, thanks to a reinforced shaft for absorbing lateral forces and a continuous bolt-on plate for optimum strength. And all with built-in safety: BPW support devices meet the requirements of the AAR. The long, continuously perforated bolt-on plate for various bolt-on positions enables simple and flexible installation. Low crank forces make daily work easier.

  1. reduced weight
  2. modern design
  3. partially integrated gearbox with improved sealing and easy shifting
  4. reinforced shaft for optimum absorption of lateral forces
  5. low crank forces for easy operation
  6. continuous screw-on plate for flexible installation
  7. three years maintenance-free, among other things due to long-term lubrication of the spindle with BPW ECO-Li 91
  8. high-quality coating for protection against corrosion


Turntables enable 360-degree turning movements by means of two steel rings that are connected to each other by means of ball bearings. BPW turntables are used where vehicle construction places the highest demands on design and material. Compared to conventional single-row systems, BPW turntables differ due to the quality feature of the double row of balls: The design superiority is that the additional second row of balls ensures optimum distribution of the axial and radial forces that occur.


  1. Permissible axial load 5 to 30 t
  2. Optionally drilled or undrilled- Greatest possible safety, as the acting axial and radial forces are transmitted separately to the two rows of balls.
  3. Ready for extreme conditions: The highest quality is achieved through special material selection and special manufacturing processes. The steering rim profiles made of high-strength steel are cold-formed, butt-welded and calibrated.
  4. The ball raceway is strengthened by the load-bearing balls under load.
  5. The interior is permanently protected against dust and dirt by a labyrinth seal.
  6. The corrosion-resistant paint (RAL 9005) is weatherproof, impact-resistant and guarantees a high level of surface protection with 504 hours of salt spray testing.It can serve as a primer for subsequent overpainting.
  7. The sum of all advantages ensures reliability, smooth running and the longest service life